For as long as you need or until you subscription ends
Only one, you can return it to take another
As often as you like until your subscription ends
Your 1st payment will be on the day you subscribe and then every 1st working day of the month
Your subscription won’t be renewed and you won’t be able to hire any more games. We will contact you if this happens
You can either login in to your account and cancel your subscription under “Manage my subscription” Or login into your payfast.co.za account and stop your next payment.
No. As this is a monthly subscription, a debit order needs to be set up to prevent disruption of your subscription
You will be charged for the sale price of the game and won’t be able to hire any games till this is paid.
No, you don’t have to, but we recommend that you do in order to manage your debit order. This can be done on checkout